Constabulary officers suspended for misconduct

Two women City Constabulary officers were suspended by the Mayor and City Council for misconduct while on duty in an incident dating back to September 2016.

During the statutory meeting yesterday, Mayor Patricia Chase-Green recommended that the officers, identified as Inspector Petal Bancroft and Constable Crystal Barton, be suspended without pay.

The recommendation which received the support of the majority of councillors stated that the Inspector would be suspended for seven days and the Constable be suspended for two days. Councillors Trichria Richards of APNU+AFC and Selwyn Smart of Benschop for Mayor abstained from voting on the recommendation.

Stabroek News learnt that on September 26, Barton was speaking loudly to another woman when she was confronted by her superior but did not adhere the order to lower her voice. As a result, Bancroft tapped Barton and told her to leave the building which houses the headquarters of the City Constabulary on Regent Street. She rejected and a scuffle ensued.

The matter was taken to city’s Legal Affairs Committee which then forwarded it to the full council for disciplinary action to be recommended.

Chase-Green stated that 2017 is a different year for the municipality and the council would not be tolerating nonsense from officers. She added that officers of the council must be prepared to work as she is committed to changing the image of the City Council.

She also stated that an example must be set for all other officers of the City Constabulary.

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