Sophia push cart operator gets 12 months for break and enter theft

A push cart operator was yesterday sentenced to 12 months in jail after admitting to stealing nearly $1.2 million in items.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore read a charge of breaking and entering to 39-year-old Damion Austin, a father of four of Sophia.

The charge stated that between January 4 and January 5, 2017, at Georgetown, he broke into the dwelling house of Tony Ferner and stole two cellular phones, two laptops, a pair of earphones, a power cap, an Access textbook, a bag and an iPod, all having a total value of $1,182,500.

Austin pleaded guilty to the crime.

According to the facts presented by the prosecution, the complainant left his home with the items on the premises. Upon his return the following day, he discovered the back door was ajar. He later made a report at the Kitty Police Station.

The defendant, who was later arrested, admitted to taking the items.

The court heard that the items were recovered after the defendant took the police to various locations.

Austin, when asked by the magistrate if what the police said was true, answered yes but added that there were two other persons with him. According to him, those persons managed to escape.

Austin requested a reasonable sentence since he would not have wasted the court’s time. Magistrate Azore subsequently sentenced him to 12 months.

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