Police awaiting DPP advice on cop caught in Soesdyke break-in

A police file on the detective who was caught in a Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara house on Sunday has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice, according to Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken.

Hicken said the police are awaiting advice from the DPP, which will determine the next step.

The police detective, stationed at the Timehri Police Station, was caught in the Soesdyke house, which he had allegedly broken into, during the wee hours of Sunday morning.

An occupant of the house heard strange noises coming from the upper flat of his house. As a result, other members of the household were alerted and they began to make checks.

Upon doing so, they discovered the detective hiding in the kitchen area. The detective allegedly attempted to attack one of the occupants, who managed to fend him off and then tied him up.

A report was made to the police at the Timehri Police Station and when the ranks arrived they confirmed that the man was indeed a detective. He was taken into custody.

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