Three held over Club Privilege shooting

Three persons have been arrested by the police in connection with the Tower Suites’ Club Privilege shooting which occurred early Sunday morning, Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken said yesterday.

Hicken said that investigators have retrieved surveillance footage from the nightclub and were up to yesterday afternoon working to improve the quality.

Crime sleuths revisited the scene on Monday during which they managed to obtain statements from several persons including the security staff, bartenders and one of the victims.

Stabroek News learnt that around 3 am on Sunday there was an exchange of gunshots inside Club Privilege  in the Main Street hotel, which resulted in injuries.

No one was seriously hurt but management had failed to make the necessary report to the police. It was not until Sunday afternoon when an injured person provided the police with information that they were made aware of the incident.

Before investigators arrived at the scene, the area had been cleaned; spent shells were picked up and there was no trace of any blood. However, there were visible holes in the wall of the club.

A victim who preferred to remain anonymous told reporters that he was standing at the bar liming when there was a scuffle between two patrons.  “Two guys had a lil scuffle, then a guy approach them and just start opening fire just suh dry”, he said.

It was during this the victim said that he was injured by a bullet which grazed his foot and he ran outside.

“Me and everybody run outside and a girl tell me look me foot bleeding, then I go to the station and mek a report”, he said.

He further explained that after visiting the police station, he returned to the club on Sunday morning but by that time the area had already been cleared of the evidence. “We come back here (the club) around 6 something the morning (Sunday) but they did done clean up here already, wipe up, done get rid of all the evidence, so we didn’t get to really get any evidence on it (the shooting)”, he said.

He related that he was unable to see the face of the shooter or the other two individuals who were involved in the scuffle since the club was dark. “The light did flashing so I couldn’t see they face”, he said.

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