Trial of Dataram’s wife on forged passport charge begins

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paul Williams on Wednesday testified to receiving forged documents belonging to Anjanie Boodnarine, the reputed wife of convicted drug lord Barry Dataram.

Boodnarine is accused of conspiring with others to commit a felony by forging a Guyana passport.

The matter, which is being heard by Magistrate Renita Singh, saw evidence being led by  Williams, and Hugh Jessamy, who served as Senior Superintendent of Police during the month of October, 2016.

Williams told the court that on October 15, 2016 around 9:45 hours, he led a team of officers including a female special corporal, to the Guyana and Suriname Ferry dock at Molson Creek, Corentyne.

The main purpose for their journey to the area was to take custody of Dataram and Boodnarine, and escort them to Georgetown.

He said that upon arrival at the location, he entered the outpost and observed the defendant standing at the entrance of a door behind the counter of the outpost, clad in all over black.

The court heard that the defendant, subsequent to being greeted, was asked if she was ok, her name, age, where she resided, and if she wished to make any special request, which she refused.

About three feet away from the defendant, Williams stated that he observed luggage and discovered that they belonged to the defendant and Dataram. Those items, subsequent to instructions, were placed by ranks into the vehicle Williams was travelling in. He was then handed a white sealed envelope which, upon inspection contained two Republic of Guyana passports, a Western Union transfer bill, non-Guyanese coins and about $68 in US notes.

Examining one of the passports, he observed a photo, similar in resemblance to the defendant, a forged name Christine Persaud, and passport number R0341097. When asked if the passport belonged to her the defendant answered in the affirmative. The items were replaced, and the defendant was placed in a separate vehicle from Dataram, and escorted to CID Headquarters where she was booked.

According to Williams, he later visited the office of Jessamy where he showed him the items and lodged them, subsequent to writing down the relevant information from the document. A request was then made by the prosecution to have the passport tendered and marked as an exhibit. This request was granted by the Magistrate.

Jessamy then took the stand where he testified to receiving the passport along with other documents from Williams. He was able to identify the forged document by the name Christine Persaud, and the fact that it was a Guyanese document.

Cross-examination of both Williams and Jessamy was then deferred to the next court hearing, after a request by attorney Everton Singh-Lammy, in association with Glenn Hanoman.

The matter was then adjourned to January 16.

Boodnarine was also charged with attempting to defeat the administration of the law and departing Guyana without presenting herself to an immigration officer.

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