RPA raps ‘draconian’ hike in MMA-ADA rent

The Guyana Rice Producers Association (RPA) today condemned in the strongest possible terms, what it described as the “unilateral draconian increase” in land rent and other charges to farmers by the MMA-ADA.

The increase in some of these charges is in excess of 600% and is being implemented at a time when farmers are getting low prices for their produce, the RPA charged

Rice farmers in the project area proper are now being ordered to pay $15,000 per acre, an “unbearable” increase from $3,500 just last year for land rent and drainage and irrigation charges.

“Cattle and other crops farmers are not spared the wrath of this uncaring Authority and their rent and services charges have also been increased by more than 100% in many instances”, the organization said.

The RPA called on all farmers to resist this “draconian” increase and show solidarity with all “as we join in the call for the reversal of this decision which was taken without any consultation with farmers, their association or any other stakeholders.”

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