GWI says $3B invested in sector for 2016

– 60% of customers receiving water 24/7

Over the last 18 months Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has invested in excess of $3 billion in improving the infrastructure and other operations needed to provide potable water to Guyanese across the country.

During this time more than 100,000 residents have received potable water for the first time. This is according to a GWI end-of-year report which also says that 60% of its customers including those in Georgetown are currently receiving an uninterrupted supply of water 24 hours a day.

These achievements are just two of several major accomplishments the company has reported for 2016.

Other accomplishments include the application of new water treatment systems to 16 existing pumping stations across Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 which according to GWI has resulted in approximately 30,000 customers now receiving improved quality of water.

Additionally, 24 treatment plant filtration systems were rehabilitated ensuring an im­proved quality of water being supplied from each plant and a mini-laboratory was established at the Shelter Belt treatment plant which is monitoring the quality of water being provided in Georgetown on a 24/7 basis to ensure it meets the WHO stand­ard.

This initiative, GWI explained, will be extended in 2017 to all regions.

The report further stated that GWI has been able to improve the design of water treatment plants to be constructed through collaboration with other agencies such as the Suriname Water Company, the Dutch Water Company in the Netherlands and educational institutions such as UNESCO-IHE and Trent Universi­ty to provide increased institutional capacity in the design of water treatment plants, water supply systems and waste-water treatment plants.

Other improvements include the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to advance the planning, designing and managing of the water supply systems and increased technical capacity in the design and supervision of construction and maintenance of potable water wells and management and maintenance of standby generators through advanced training programmes.

There has also been increased collaboration with the regional administrations, Amerindian village councils and local authorities in the management of water supply systems.

These collaborations have allowed GWI to make several improvements in regional water distribution systems with new wells having been dug and new water transmission systems installed.

Some of the more significant achievements include a new storage tank which was constructed in Mabaruma. This, along with a new transmission main and intake from Hosororo Falls, is expected to result in increased services for residents in the area

In Region 2 a new well has been drilled in Lima Sands along with a new water distribu­tion system to provide service to more than 1,000 persons for the first time, while new treatment systems have been in­stalled at 6 pumping stations to improve the quality of water being provided.

In Region 3 a new well is being drilled in Wakenaam to improve the service on the island and another well is being drilled in Ridge, Wakenaam to provide service for more than 300 persons for the first time. New mains have been installed in Zeelugt to provide service to more than 100 persons for the first time.

In Region 4 new water supply systems have been installed in Dutch Cab Housing Scheme, Dazzell Housing Scheme, Le Ressouvenir Railway Em­bankment, Vryheid’s Lust, Golden Grove, Melanie, Victoria, Le Ressouvenir, Lusignan, and Ann’s Grove – East Coast Demerara which have provided service to more than 6,000 persons for the first time.

Meanwhile in Georgetown new water distribution pipes have been installed in North Sophia and a trans­mission main has been constructed from North Ruimveldt to Sophia which has resulted in more than 3,000 persons access­ing water for the first time in D and E fields Sophia.

A new transmission main has been constructed in Duncan Street, a new supply system has been constructed in Mead­ow Bank and an extended water distri­bution system has been installed in Lamaha Park.

Region 5 has received new mains in Ross, Number 40, Number 41, Number 42, Lovely Lass, Number 30, Lichfield, Esau and Jacob, Hopetown and Fort Wellington villages.

In Region 6, new mains have been installed in Tarlogie, Tucber Park, Stanlevtown, Nigg, Number 53, Number 66, Number 77, Number 72 and Number 74 villages, Budhan Scheme and Angoy’s Avenue. Mains have been extended from Number 73 to Number 74 and Auchlyne to Liverpool, in Canefield and in Glasgow Housing Scheme and Sandvoort.

Region 7 has received a new water distribution sys­tem servicing Byderabo, Bramford Point, Caribisi Hill and Four Mile and a new potable water well which was constructed with water supply system at Karrau.

Region 10 now has a new water distribution system in Andy Ville, and new mains in Green Valley, Amelia’s Ward and Blue­berry Hill, all in Linden.

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