International effort launched as fundraising for Ephraim Collins slows

Donations toward fundraising for Ephraim Collins, the seven-year-old boy diagnosed with Hydrocephaly, have slowed, but preparations are in place to have these efforts taken internationally.

Jessica Hatfield of the Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre and manager of the fundraising campaign, related on Friday that they are moving into the second phase of their fundraising efforts, which will be to utilize the international press to reach persons across the world.

“We’re going all out in 2017 to get that boy to Spain,” Hatfield stated. Thus far, US$5,200 have been raised, and although the surgery will be done free of cost, the price of transporting Ephraim to Spain and back via Medivac will cost at least US$50,000.

Hatfield explained that because of Ephraim’s condition, he will be unable to travel by commercial flight. She therefore urged anyone with access to a private plane or otherwise who would like to assist, or anyone who is interested in donating funds, to make contact via the Facebook page, “Ephraim Collins Needs Your Help,” or donate to the crowdfunding account which can be accessed at:

Ephraim’s 3305. Ephraim was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at the tender age of two months old.

Hydrocephalus, also referred to as ‘water on the brain,’ is a swelling of the head caused by a buildup of fluid. Ephraim’s head has grown to the size of 88 cm in these past years and his condition has impeded his ability to be mobile.

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