Forged passport wasn’t issued to Boodnarine – immigration officer testifies

A police corporal yesterday testified that checks revealed that no passport was issued to Anjanie Boodnarine bearing the number of the travel document that she had used to exit the country.

Boodnarine, the common-law wife of convicted drug trafficker Barry Dataram, is charged with conspiring with others to commit a felony by forging a Guyana passport.

Corporal Sharon Granger, who is stationed at the Central Immigration and Passport Office in Georgetown, took the stand yesterday to present evidence in the trial against Boodnarine. During her testimony, she stated that on November 15, 2016, she was instructed by a senior officer to make checks to see if the defendant was the holder of the passport bearing number R03410497. Her checks revealed that Boodnarine was not issued the passport and further checks showed that no application was made by the defendant for the passport.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams last week testified that Boodnarine had claimed that the forged document, which bore the name Christine Persaud, belonged to her.

Constable Melissa Pinheiro, who is also stationed at the passport office, also took the stand. She stated that on November 15, 2016 she was instructed to do mandatory checks on the defendant. Upon checking the Border Management System, she said she discovered that the defendant had departed Guyana using a legally-issued passport number R0233578 on March 12, 2015 on BW 526 for the USA and returned on March 18, 2015 on BW527.

Pinheiro stated that she discovered that since Boodnarine’s return in March, 2015, she had never left through any port of exit. She added that further checks of records showed that R0233578 was the only passport assigned to Boodnarine.

The court then heard from Woman Constable Thomas, who testified to being a witness to Corporal Cornelius, who would have told the defendant of the allegations against her and cautioned her.

All witnesses were then cross-examined by attorney Glenn Hanoman. Also cross-examined was Senior Superintendent of Police Hugh Jessamy, who would have given evidence last week.

The cross-examination of Williams was deferred until the next hearing.

Magistrate Renita Singh adjourned the matter to tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Boodnarine appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly who commenced her trial for the alleged attempt to defeat the administration of the law.

The trial saw two persons giving evidence.

This matter will also be called again tomorrow.

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