Alleged mastermind in Tain execution turns herself over to police

In a surprising twist, the woman fingered as the mastermind behind last week Tuesday’s execution of the Tain mother of four Leilawatie Mohamed turned herself over to the police in Berbice yesterday.

According to Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam the businesswoman, Indira Outar, of Tain Settlement, Corentyne, who operated her husband’s sawmill at Edinburgh,

Leilawatie Mohamed

East Bank Berbice, arrived at the Whim Police Station with her attorney Chandra Sohan.

Amsterdam stated that investigators are now working on uncovering more evidence in the February 7th killing of Mohamed, also known as ‘Aunty Leila,’ 45, a domestic worker of Lot 149, Sixth Street, Tain Settlement, Corentyne.

Meanwhile, a police source close to the investigation confirmed that the woman was interrogated and released information which led to her being placed under arrest. According to the source, the woman confessed to meeting one of the accused, who is currently on remand for the murder, at a popular hotel in New Amsterdam. When asked about this, the Commander stated that she was being questioned, but noted that the police have in their possession footage of the woman meeting the accused at the hotel.

On the evening of February 7th, two men clad in black clothes kicked down Mohamed’s door and invaded her home. The men, in efforts to stage a robbery, demanded money from the woman. However, when she said she did not have any, the gunman shot her at close range, killing her instantly.

It was after B Division’s lawmen launched an investigation that it was discovered that Mohamed’s murder was not a robbery gone bad but a planned hit.

On Wednesday, five persons were charged and remanded over Mohamed’s murder. The accused are Oliver Permaul, 36, a barber, of Lot 100 Tain Settlement; his wife Nazima Permaul, 42, who operates a business in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne; Andre James, also known as ‘Andy’, 26, a tattoo artist of Lot 46 ‘A’ George Street, Rose Hall Town; Jamaican Rohan Johnson, also known as ‘Jamakie,’ 38, a carpenter of Lot 107 Second Street, Rose Hall Town and his common-law wife, Shabiki Alert Thompson, 28, of the same address.

Mohamed was said to have been involved with a businessman, who also resides in Tain Settlement, Corentyne. According to reports, the wife of the businessman found out about his extramarital affair with Mohamed and retaliated by recruiting the barber to plan Mohamed’s execution.

The tattoo artist supposedly confirmed this theory when he told investigators that he was hired by the barber and his wife. After being promised a substantial amount of money, reported to be $4 million, he then made plans with his associate, the Jamaican. The men allegedly hired a car and proceeded to Mohamed’s house, where they kicked down her door, entered, staged a robbery and shot her dead.

According to information gathered, the two females were placed in custody and charged, since investigators discovered that the barber’s wife was the person to uplift the first payment, said to be $400,000, from the alleged mastermind and paid the tattoo artist, who then paid the Jamaican his portion through his common-law wife.

The businessman who was said to have been involved with Mohamed was questioned. However, after investigators learnt that he might have not had knowledge of the plan to execute Mohamed, he was released.

The investigation now continues.