Accused Canadian drug trafficker granted bail

-deemed unfit to stand trial

A court yesterday granted bail to the Canadian woman, who was caught with more than four kilogrammes of cocaine in her suitcase, in January, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri after she was deemed unfit to stand trial.

Anastasia Tisha La Rose, 19, of Lot 1 Replin Road, Toronto, Canada, on January 24th, at the CJIA, had in her possession 4.178 kilogrammes (equivalent to over 9 pounds) of cocaine for trafficking.

Anastasia Tisha La Rose

During yesterday’s court session, a mental evaluation conducted on the defendant by Dr. Bhiro Harry was presented to Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, which deemed her unfit to stand trial.

The court heard from attorney Lyndon Amster-dam, in association with Glenn Hanoman, that the defendant’s grandmother, who is a psychiatric nurse, will ensure that La Rose takes her medication and receives proper treatment.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones maintained his objection to bail being granted.

Chief Magistrate McLennan, however, stated that she found that there was special reasons for the granting of bail and will release the defendant into the care of her grandmother.

The defendant was later granted $200,000 bail and will make her next court appearance on March 29.

During each of La Rose’s court visits there is to be a report on her progress.

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