Man on trial over rape of nurse in 2008

The trial of Wesley Carlos Payne, who is accused of raping one of two nurses at the Wismar Hospital back in 2008, commenced yesterday morning before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12-member mixed jury at the High Court in Georgetown.

Payne, called “Piggy,” pleaded not guilty to the indictment which states that on September 10, 2008, he sexually penetrated the nurse, without her consent.

During the trial, which is being heard in open court, the nurse recalled reporting for duty on the night in question, to work the 11-7 shift, when she heard a knocking on the door of the casualty ward, in which she, another female colleague and two patients were.

Wesley Carlos Payne

Believing it to be a patient seeking medical attention, the nurse said she proceeded to open the door, but after being greeted by a man who had his face concealed, wearing no shirt, she immediately tried to close the door, but was overpowered by the man who forced his way in.

The court heard from the nurse, that the man, who had an object concealed under a jersey in his hand, ordered her and her colleague to another ward where he placed them to lie face down on the floor, before raping her.

The nurse said that apart from herself, colleague and the two patients, no one else was in the hospital at the time.

She said that this was with the exception of two security guards, one of whom occupied a hut at the entrance to the compound, some distance away from the casualty ward, and the other, to the entrance of the hospital building.

The nurse said that from where the casualty ward is located, the person guarding the entrance of the building, would be seen, and was seen when she arrived for duty that evening.

At the time the alleged perpetrator led them to the ward where the rape was committed, however, the nurse said that, that guard was not at the designated post.

The nurse said that as she complied with the order given by the accused to remove her clothing, he declared, that he was not there to make love, and told her to remove just her underwear.

The nurse said she enquired from the man, whose eyes only she was able to see throughout the entire ordeal, whether he had a condom, to which he responded in the negative.

She said she then asked the man, whose voice she remembers distinctly to this day, if she could be allowed to go back to the casualty ward to retrieve one, but her request was denied.

After the assault, the nurse said her attacker said to her, “yuh dead now.”

The other nurse who was on duty that night, also testified at yesterday’s hearing. She corroborated her colleague’s account of what had transpired. Noting that she too, only saw the man’s eyes, the woman was adamant that she clearly remembers his voice.

As she responded to questions under cross-examination, by the accused who is representing himself, the witness told the court that the voice is the same, as that she heard on the night in question.

She said that after they had been placed to lie on the ground, the accused began rubbing her colleague’s legs. She said she then heard her colleague crying, and making sounds as if she was in pain.

At this point, the woman said that she did not witness the assault, as she kept her face turned toward the door. she said she heard him saying, seemingly to someone on a cellphone, “yes boss, deh dead now. This place should be blown up now.”

The witness recalled being in tears, after the man had left, and her colleague related that she had been raped. She said that they then returned to the ward, and contacted the police, and officials from the Mackenzie Hospital, who arrived shortly after.

Testifying yesterday also, was former police officer Simon Benjamin, who recalled taking a caution statement from the accused. He said that Payne was arrested, acting on information which the police had received.

He said too, that items which were stolen from the nurses on the night in question, were recovered from the accused, and another person, to whom he had directed lawmen.

Benjamin said that at the time he contacted Payne, who was shirtless at the Mackenzie Police station, he observed several black spots on his chest, which appeared to be dried sores.

Both nurses had told the court, in their respective testimonies that the shirtless man who attacked them, had a number of black spots on his chest, which looked like dried sores.

This witness said that during the interview, the accused said, “hear wah happen boss, I do it right…”

Benjamin said he immediately cautioned the accused, telling him that he was not obliged to say anything unless he wished to so do, and that anything he said, may be used against him.

Benjamin said the accused told him, that he had been asked by a person to do him a favour, by going to the hospital, and raping the nurse, whose description she had given to him.

According to the caution statement of the accused, which was admitted in evidence, the court heard that he had told the police, that the person had related to him, that she had a grievance with that particular nurse, and as a result, wanted her to be raped.

In exchange for raping the nurse, the court heard from the statement, that the person would have written off a $20,000 debt for the accused.

Benjamin, however, said that investigations into Payne’s story about being contacted by a person had no merit. He said that both the person he had named, and the nurse who was raped, were interviewed, and both said that there was no problem between them.

The court had heard from the statement, that the accused entered the compound though a hole in the hospital’s back fence; and thereafter saw both guards on duty sleeping at their respective posts.

In his defence, the accused has argued that at no time did he ever give the police any statement.

The trial continues this morning at 9.