Vendor gets five years, $6.9M fine for ganja trafficking

Moreno Wilson, a vendor who was held with 10 pounds of cannabis earlier this year, was yesterday sentenced to 60 months in jail and fined $6.9 million.

Wilson, 24, was charged with being in possession of 4.624 kilogrammes of cannabis, which is equivalent to just over 10 pounds, between January 6 and January 7, at Sussex Street, La Penitence, for trafficking.

Moreno Wilson

Though he originally denied the allegation, Wilson was found guilty of the crime after Magistrate Judy Latchman examined the evidence presented by the prosecution witnesses during his trial.

Wilson, of Westminster, La Parfaite Harmonie, was then sentenced and fined for the crime.

During Wilson’s first court appearance, the prosecutor stated that he had told the police that he was just trying to do “a small hustle.”

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