Indian High Commission launches two-day sari-draping demo

A section of the audience that attended the Sari Draping demonstration yesterday afternoon. (Photo by Keno George)

The High Commission of India to Guyana yesterday opened a two-day sari-draping demonstration and exhibition, aimed at showcasing the beauty and versatility of the Indian cultural wear.

High Commissioner Shri V Mahalingam, in brief remarks, explained that plans to orchestrate such a project had been two years in the making.

“Today I am happy to say that our dream of hosting a sari-draping event has finally become a reality; this project has been on our agenda at the High Commission for more than two years and though this is just a simple event, you are going to enjoy it,” the High Commissioner said.

Giving a brief history of the sari, Mahalingam pointed out that it is the world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. It has also over the millennia, become a sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women, having evolved many times to what it is today.

Wife of the Prime Minister Sita Nagamootoo, in her remarks, commended the High Commission of India for organizing such an event.

“This event is being held at an appropriate time when Guyana is observing the 100th anniversary of the abolition of Indian indenturedship and when the focus is on Indian culture,” the Prime Minister’s wife said.

“The sari has been celebrated as the most gorgeous and fabulous of Indian women’s attire. Once a ceremonial wear at weddings and festivities, the sari has now become an exotic dress form for almost all occasions and everyday use by our women and girls,” she added.

Nagamootoo even joked about having captivated the Prime Minister, her husband of 47 years, with the help of a sari several decades ago.

“I wore my first sari in 1966 during a Diwali beauty pageant and I can share a secret… when my husband, the Prime Minister, was captivated and I think captured by me I would like to think that my sari had something to do with that special moment. So I think it is clear that the sari maketh the woman” she said.

“However, it would be of great assistance if we knew how to drape or tie our saris and this demonstration could be of immense help to all of us. Ladies I invite you to enjoy this event and understand how saris can be worn for different occasions and in different styles so that our women and girls will remain comfortable in their clothes and still remain as attractive and colourful as they are and to wear saris to display their grace and charm,” she added.

Wife of the Indian High Commissioner Anu Mahalingam, then demonstrated the draping of a sari with the help of a model.

The event was attended by members of the Diplomatic Corps and featured cultural items such as poetry and dance.

The draping demonstration and exhibition is opened to the public free of cost on the top floor of the Kalyan Centre and Shopping Plaza located on Lamaha Street, between Camp and Waterloo Streets. In addition today’s sari draping demonstration, which begins at 3 pm, patrons would also be treated to cultural displays from 11 am.


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