Bids opened for new hinterland students’ dorm

Million-dollar bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) for the construction of a student dormitory at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara under the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs. Tenders were also opened for the construction of a Sports Complex at Carifesta Avenue, under the Ministry of Education.

The companies and their bids are as follows:

Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs

Construction of Student Dormitory Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown

Extension of Dining Area at the Indigenous Residence







Ministry of Education
Repairs and Maintenance NCERD








Construction of Sports Complex MOE Carifesta Avenue









Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consultancy and Supervision for the Construction of Protocol Building





Guyana Defence Force
Procurement and Installation of a Marine Fuel Tank Level Measurement System




Hinterland Electrification Co Incorporated

Design, Supply and Installation of 400kw Solar farm at Mabaruma









Ministry of Public Health
Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment




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