GAWU says seeing more signs that East Demerara Estate to be closed

This morning, GAWU says the workers engaged in the applying of fertilizers to the canes of the East Demerara Estate (Enmore Estate and LBI Estate) visited its Head Office and met with the Union’s General Secretary,  Seepaul Narine.

The workers related that the Estate Management informed them that they are no longer required to apply fertilizers. The female workers are required to weed and the male workers are required to harvest canes. “Every day we see the signs of closure becoming clearer. The workers are opposed to closure and have pointed out that they would be unable to find jobs should the decision be fully pursued”, GAWU said in a statement.

Earlier this month, cane planters at the estate said they were told that there was no work for them.

Neither GuySuCo nor the government has said anything officially about the planned closure of the estate although it has been intimated to various stakeholders that the Enmore, Rose Hall and Skeldon estates are to be closed or privatized.

The sugar workers meeting with GAWU today (GAWU photo)

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