President says AG asked for explanation on matter involving Justice Holder

President David Granger says that he before he pronounces on the matter surrounding Justice Franklin Holder’s complaint about attorney General Basil Williams’s “despicable” conduct in his courtroom he wants to hear Williams’s account of the events.

“There is the principle of hearing the other side so we must not jump to conclusions. I want to hear both sides. We have heard one side in the media. I have asked the Attorney General for his side,” Granger told the press yesterday when asked about his position on the issue.

The Attorney General was accused by his predecessor, attorney Anil Nandlall, of threatening Justice Holder last Thursday, during a hearing involving suspended Chairman of the Public Service Commission Carvil Duncan.

But Williams denied that he had threatened the judge and announced that he would take legal action over the claim and reportage on it.

However, observers have noted that even in his own rendering of the events of the day in question, Williams’ words did not comport with what was expected from the Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs and the Leader of the Bar.

In a letter he sent to Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag) Yonette Cummings-Edwards, a copy of which was seen by this newspaper, Justice Holder detailed what had transpired. (See letter below)

Justice Cummings-Edwards has said that matter was being addressed and that the judiciary will make its views public “within a matter of days”.

Williams was questioned on Wednesday about what the judge had written but said he had nothing further to say since he had addressed the matter at a press conference he held at NCN last Friday.

“And as I said, everything that I dealt with in that short time was to disabuse the learned judge’s mind that his interpretation was not so,” he said.

Asked if he would be apologizing, he said, “I don’t know about apology,” before stating that he would work along with the judge to resolve the issue.

President Granger said he too believed that the matter will be resolved and has asked Williams for an explanation.

“The Attorney General has responded. I have asked for an explanation for the matter which was reported to me and when I have had that opportunity I will respond to him and to the Chancellor of the Judiciary. I am very confident that the matter will be resolved,” the President said adding that he wanted the opportunity to analyze the situation for himself.

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