Indigenous rights activist robbed in gunpoint attack

Indigenous rights activist Jean La Rose fell victim to a gunpoint stick up yesterday afternoon.

According to a post on her Facebook page, La Rose believes she was traced from an ATM by a man who later accosted her at gunpoint while she sat in her car.

“I was robbed at gunpoint today. I am convinced that I was traced from the ATM by a man who pushed his way past three of us in the line but who was still in the room where the ATMs are located when I had completed my transaction.

He was not at any machine when I noticed him but appeared to be doing something just a bit off. (I’m recalling all of this in hindsight),” she said in her post.

After leaving the bank, La Rose said she parked her car to make a purchase and was reaching for her bag on the car’s floor when a man pushed a gun at her temple and demanded her bag, while threatening to shoot her if she resisted.

“I let go of it with the man still pointing the gun at me as he moved off telling me he would shoot me if I screamed. I did eventually scream after he had gotten into a car that was just behind me (not parked) and drove off. Everything happened so fast. I’m posting this so you people can be even more careful. I’m still shaken,” La Rose further dictated.

A report has been made to the police, who are pursuing several leads.

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