Woman alleges stepfather raped daughters, assaulted her

A Berbice woman is seeking justice after her former husband allegedly raped her two daughters and then wounded her when she confronted him.

The woman told Stabroek News yesterday that February 23, was a day she will never forget as that was the day her 13-year-old daughter built up the courage to tell her that her stepfather had been raping her. The woman said the child told her that the man had sexual intercourse with her four times. She was also told that the man claimed to have raped her older daughter, who had since left the country.

“She told me that she was in the bathroom and he came into the bathroom and she push him out and afterward she go upstairs to dress he came upstairs in the room and did what he had to do,” the devastated mother said.

“He was at work so I called his phone and he say he coming home,” she said. “When he come I confront him concerning what my daughter told me and he said, ‘y’all lying on me, I gone kill all a y’all in here.’”  She recalled that he pulled his cutlass from his waist and her 16-year-old son intervened. “Me son and he scuffle and he come towards me. I run into the room but I didn’t make it that is where he chop me on my shoulder,” she recounted.

That same night she made a report of the rape and the assault at the police station and he was picked up and charged with the assault and placed on $210,000 bail. “Up to this day he never get charge for the rape. I’m calling and asking for justice,” she stressed.

The woman said she contacted her older daughter who confirmed that the man had raped her on numerous occasions, but she did not speak out as he had threatened to kill her. It was after she left the country that he turned his attention to the younger girl, who told her mother that he had also issued numerous death threats. “She say he tell she he can break she neck in the house and nobody would ever know how she neck break,” the mother said.  A medical examination has since confirmed that the child was sexually assaulted.

Meanwhile, according to a police source, the rape file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the division is awaiting advice. The source said the man was placed on $100,000 station bail, pending an investigation into the rape charge.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam, when contacted, stated that the police takes such matters very seriously.

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