Teen remanded over theft of $360,000 in jewellery

A teenaged boy was yesterday remanded to prison after he was accused of stealing a quantity of gold jewellery valued at $360,000.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore read the charge to Kevon Payne of Lot 113, King Edward Street, Albouystown, which stated that on March 24, in Georgetown, while in the company of another and armed with a gun, he robbed Linden Roberts of three gold chains valued at $360,000.

The 18-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charge.

An objection was raised by the prosecution in relation to bail being granted. Ridley was remanded to prison by Magistrate Azore and will make his next court appearance on April 19.

Meanwhile, Eon Worrel was also remanded to prison after he denied robbing Jeremy Sobers of an IPhone 6, valued at $90,000.

Worrel is accused of committing the crime on April 3, at the Kitty Seawall while armed with a cutlass.

While no facts were stated by the prosecution, an objection was raised to the granting of bail based on the seriousness of the crime. The court heard that the item was not recovered and that the file is incomplete.

Attorney Leslie Benjamin, who represented Worrel, made an application for bail nonetheless. Benjamin stated that Worrel, 25, was pointed out by the complainant while he was at the Georgetown Public Hospital in the company of his aunt and her son.

The attorney stated that her client was never taken on an identification parade and was not allowed to give a statement to the police.

Worrel, a conductor, was, however, remanded to prison and will also appear before the courts on April 19.

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