West Ruimveldt mother remanded over ammo possession

A West Ruimveldt woman was yesterday denied bail over a charge of possession of ammunition but was granted bail over cannabis possession when she appeared in a city court.

Loraine Springer, 56, was read a charge by Magistrate Fabayo Azore which alleged that on March 30  at 425 West Ruimveldt, she had in her possession three .38 rounds of ammunition without being the holder of a firearm licence.

A second charge was read to Springer which stated that on the very day she had two grammes of cannabis in her possession.

The defendant, a mother of two, denied both charges.

Attorneys Nigel Duke and Bernard Da Silva appeared on behalf of the accused and requested that she be released on reasonable bail.

The court heard that Springer had been incarcerated beyond the 72-hours limit since her arrest last Thursday.

According to Duke, his client was not at home when her home was searched by police. During the search, one of the defendant’s son’s passport and visa were damaged, along with her gas bottle among other items.

The attorney further added that his client is requesting that the items be returned to her, and she will proceed to file a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority.

Magistrate Azore, however, remanded Springer on  the ammunition possession charge, but granted the woman $25,000 bail on  the cannabis possession charge.

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