Berbice man remanded over seven-pound ganja find

A Berbice man is now a remanded prisoner after he was charged with having seven pounds of cannabis for trafficking.

Andrew Lindie, 46, of Second Street, Islington, Berbice, was read a charge which stated that on April 6, at Third Street, Islington Public Road, he had 3.322 kilogrammes (equivalent to seven pounds) of cannabis for trafficking.

The accused told the court that on the day of a search by police, he and several others were drinking in memory of his late brother. He stated that the police arrived, told them to lay on the ground and then proceeded to search them and the yard but found nothing.

Lindie added that he was then taken to his home, where another search was done, but nothing was found. He said he was then taken to an empty lot, where he alleges that the police found a bag. The accused noted that he did not know what was in the bag but was arrested and he was also the only one charged although two other persons went with him to the lot.

But Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore told a different story. He noted that on the day of the discovery, the accused was seen by a lawman carrying a bulky multicolored bag. Moore added that after seeing the policeman, the accused chose to run and threw the bag into an empty lot. The police later captured Lindie and retrieved the bag, which contained several parcels of cannabis, he said.

Moore objected to bail and Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan remanded Lindie to prison until April 26th, when the case will be heard at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

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