City to discuss parking project at special meeting

City councillors are expected to assemble for a special statutory meeting tomorrow to discuss matters surrounding the metered parking project.

This announcement was made by Mayor Patricia Chase-Green at yesterday’s statutory meeting.

According to the Mayor, this would be the first of a series of meeting over the next three months where the council would engage in discussions before moving forward with the contract. She stated that a letter sent by Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan had pinpointed what areas needed to be looked at.

“I cannot remember all the areas but it stated the cost and where the parking meters are placed in front of hospitals and schools… We are going to go through the entire contact and look at the areas,” Chase-Green said.

She added that after discussions with the council they would be engaging a wider cross section of the public.

“At the end of the three months we want to have something concrete to give to the government… We still have a legal contract so we are doing all we can…,” she added.

Asked if any presentation would be made by Smart City Solution (SCS) at the special statutory meeting Chase-Green said “The meeting is specifically for councillors to have an understanding of the contract and then we will ask SCS to come and make a presentation.”

The highly controversial metered parking project is currently on hold following a wave of protests and calls for its revocation; government has recommended that the time be used for review of the agreement.

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