Alberttown man jailed in absentia for gun, ammo possession

An Alberttown resident was yesterday sentenced to two years in jail after he was found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Magistrate Dylon Bess handed down the sentence to an absent Anthony Bharat, after the conclusion of the trial, which was held in the defendant’s absence since he had been previously granted bail.

The charge against Bharat stated that on March 18, 2016, at Georgetown, he had in his possession a .45 pistol, and six live matching rounds without being the holder of a valid firearm licence.

Bharat, 44, was sentenced to two years for the firearm, and two years for the ammunition, however, he will only serve two years, as the charges will run concurrently.

The matter was prosecuted by Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris.

According to the facts previously presented, on the day of the discovery, police went to a fish shop on Hadfield Street where they conducted a search, and found the firearm and ammunition on the defendant. Bharat allegedly told the police that he uses the gun to protect his family and his business.

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