Region 4 engineers to assess Cinema Road, Melanie Damishana

Engineers from the Regional Democratic Council of Region 4 are expected to visit Cinema Road, Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara and conduct an assessment, according to Regional Executive Officer Pauline Lucas.

Lucas told Stabroek News that before any repairs can be done on the road, an assessment is required to evaluate the work that will be needed for the repairs.

She went on to explain that while an assessment would be carried out, the region has not budgeted for rehabilitative work to be carried out on the road this year. She noted that residents will only get relief this year, if the Ministry of Public Infrastructure steps in, or if any cash becomes available at the regional level.

However, she asserted that the Council would be in a better financial position to carry out rehabilitative works on the road next year, as it will be budgeted for then.

Cinema Road has been rapidly deteriorating, forcing residents to find alternative routes to enter and exit the village.

One resident told Stabroek News that some seven years ago the road was fixed, but it was now back to its previous state, making it difficult for road users.

In a letter published in the March 21 edition of Stabroek News, Timothy Alphonso Smith said, “The middle section of the road is in a serious state of disrepair, with craters becoming larger than ever, and potholes causing hardship to vehicles and pedestrians alike.”

According to other road users, they continue to endure an eroding, potholed road which has affected life in the street. Residents explained that the wide potholes would accumulate, with water causing a problem, especially when it rains.

They explained that since persons have to find alternative routes, it sometimes resulted in traffic buildups at the exits.

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