Car slams into Vreed-en-Hoop fence

The driver of a car belonging to the Guyana Telephone &Telegraph Company, escaped with minor injuries when he slammed into a steel and concrete fence of a shop at Lot 57 New Road Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara yesterday.

He was treated at the West Demerara Regional Hospital and sent away. The driver was the lone occupant.

Owner of the shop, Jagdesh Jadunandan told Stabroek News that around 3:30 pm he was in his business place where he operates a liquor restaurant, grocery and hardware store, when he heard a loud impact.

The collision with the fence

“I was listening for (the sound of) brakes but I just heard my fence start breaking up…”

He looked out only to realize that the car, a Toyota Caldina wagon, PKK 2801 which had “jumped the drain” and smashed its way through his fence, was in his yard. The car had bumped into the back of a minibus when the driver lost control. Jadunandan said the car was prevented from slamming into his shop as well because he had only recently reinforced it with bigger steel rods. “If this fence wasn’t strong the car would a run straight in the shop,” Jadunandan said.

The collision with the fence

He told this newspaper too that the road is currently undergoing repairs but yet the drivers would be speeding.

He was also concerned about whether the telephone company would replace his fence to match the other sections, in a timely manner.

According to him, he cannot leave the fence unprotected for long. He mentioned too that the reason he had reinforced the fence was because thieves had “clipped” it to enter and steal his gas bottles.

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