Accused pirates to face additional murder charges nearly one year after fatal attack

The five men charged with murdering fisherman Hemchand Sookdeo, who was thrown overboard during a pirate attack on the Corentyne River in May of last year, will be facing additional charges for the murders of three other fishermen who had also been aboard the targeted vessel.

According to ‘B’ Division Commander Ian Amsterdam, police have been advised to institute the additional charges against the men.

This time, the five men, Ramchan Latchman, 23, of Number 65 Village, Ganesh Naidoo, 41, of Number 79 Village, Ramesh Singh, 53, of Liverpool Village, Stephon Leacock, 19, of Lot 366 Number 77 Village and Leon Sammy, 29, of Lot 1 Number 75 Village, Corentyne, Berbice will be charged for murdering three of Sookdeo’s fellow crewmembers. They are Munesh Churman, called ‘Boyo,’ 26, Dochan Sukra, 54, called ‘Butcher’ and Dhanpaul Ramphal. The men’s bodies were never discovered and therefore the police had sent the file for further advice.

On May 28 of last year, the accused allegedly launched their attack on the boat, Rosana 664, which was captained by Seepersaud Persaud. Persaud was thrown overboard during the attack as well, but managed to survive.

However, hours after the attack Sookdeo’s body was found tangled in seines with a chop wound to the back of the head.

During the investigation, police discovered that the three men, whose bodies were never discovered, were tied to an anchor and thrown overboard.

Amsterdam said police will move to charge the five accused at their next court date.

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