Disgruntled patient assaults doctor at West Demerara hospital

A doctor of the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) was attacked on Sunday by a patient and the patient’s relatives after being informed that the hospital’s x-ray department was closed.

Stabroek News gathered that the patient, who was intoxicated, visited the hospital on Sunday night complaining of a pain in his left arm. After he was seen by a doctor, it was suggested that he visit a private institution to have the examination, however, he became furious and attacked the doctor.

The state of the doctor’s office following the melee.

Police ‘D’ Division Commander Leslie James said the patient chucked the doctor and another patient, who had witnessed what had occurred, intervened leading to a scuffle.

When the man relatives observed what was happening they also intervened, resulting in a melee. This newspaper was told that the police were called to the hospital after the security guards were challenged to control the situation. Several items were destroyed in the process and the hospital is currently tabulating the extent of the damage.

According to James, when the police responded, the man, his relatives, the second patient and the doctor were taken to Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station where statements were given by all parties. He said they are expected to return to the station today to assist with further investigations.

The concern of security for doctors and hospital staffers was raised again following the attack.

According to a source it is not the first time staff members were attacked by disgruntled patients. The source said he hopes the Ministry of Public Health would intervene and implement firmer security measures.

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