Police on hunt for killers of bread seller

Police are on the hunt for the suspects in the murder of Andre Alexander, the bread vendor from Sophia who died on Friday evening, hours after he was shot during a robbery.

Police Commander of ‘C’ division, Kevin Adonis yesterday told Stabroek News that investigators are using the descriptions given to them by an eyewitness to go after the suspects. The descriptions were obtained during initial investigations.

Andre Alexander

Alexander, known as ‘Alex’ and ‘Bread man’, 42, a father of two of Lot 394 Section C, Sophia succumbed hours after he was shot, at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

At around 8.30 pm it was reported that two men on a motorcycle pulled up in front of Alexander’s stall and requested three loaves of bread.

As he was making change for the $5,000 bill the men used to pay with, they held him at gunpoint and demanded he hand over his cash.

The police in a press release said enquiries disclosed that Alexander refused and was shot. The suspects then relieved him of his cash and they escaped on the motorcycle, discharging several rounds in the process.

At the time of the incident his wife was assisting but she managed to escape.

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