Social cohesion day observed

Levi Nedd performs a special Hindi musical rendition 

Guyanese yesterday turned out at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) to celebrate Social Cohesion Day 2017.

A release from the Ministry of the Presidency said that the Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr George Norton  presented a five-year Strategic Plan for Promoting and Enhancing Social Cohesion to Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo at the event.

Dr Norton said Social Cohesion Day presents the opportunity for Guyanese to reflect on what the Ministry has achieved since its establishment in May, 2015.

“Everyone has a role to play in the process as we’re all architects of Social Cohesion. This activity allows us to be able to envision a socially cohesive country in which diversities are embraced, conflicts resolved, networks and collaboration with stakeholders strengthened, equity promoted and decision making processes result in equal opportunities and benefits to all. The road ahead is a long one but with consistent efforts, we will arrive where we need to be. Let us live up to our motto of “One people, One Nation, One Destiny”, he said.  May 11 is designated Social Cohesion Day to celebrate Guyana’s cultural and religious diversity, while highlighting the importance of unity and the setting aside of differences for the good of the country.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo, who delivered the feature address, noted that yesterday mark-ed the second anni-versary since Guyanese last went to the polls in a general election, called on all citizens to use the observance of Social Cohesion Day to reflect and set differences aside. “We are a diverse nation longing to come together; to work together. We have one patrimony, one nation, one country, one nationality. We need policy driven by an institution that would bring our people together, that they must be able to put behind them political divisions and other forms of conflicts and divisions. The Ministry of Social Cohe-sion has a cardinal role to play. It is the glue that will bring us together. Our difference is our strength; our diversity is who we are,” he said.

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