GRA employees using parking lot along Lamaha St

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is again using its parking lot at Camp and Lamaha streets after over two years of disuse.

Controversially constructed by the Chinese logging company Baishanlin, the GRA parking lot remained abandoned for over two years as few of its employees at its HQ on Camp Street utilized it.

When Stabroek News visited the area yesterday, it observed a string of vehicles parked there.

The now occupied GRA parking lot (Photo by Oliceia Tinnie)

This newspaper was told that GRA workers began parking in the area last Friday. On the same day lights were installed.

In a news item published by this newspaper on December 6, 2015, Chairman of the GRA’s Board of Directors, Rawle Lucas, had stated that one of the major issues with the use of the facility was that there was no transport for employees from the parking lot to the GRA offices.

This is no longer an issue, as the company currently provides a shuttle service.

With the presence of a guard, a source said that there has been no incident since they began parking vehicles in the area.

The parking lot was constructed by Baishanlin on a portion of what had previously been government reserve. Since its inception, the construction of the parking lot has been clouded by issues surrounding the propriety of the project, especially given the furore involving Baishanlin’s logging exports and tax concessions.

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