Friendship caretaker missing after robbery at worksite, family worried

The children of a 63-year-old Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD) resident are seeking the public’s assistance in locating him after he disappeared without a trace more than one week ago following a robbery at his worksite in Linden.

Bishundial Vasquez called ‘Gardener’, of Friendship, EBD, has been missing since May 8. A missing person’s report was lodged at the Timehri Police station but to date his relatives have been unable to gather any clues about his whereabouts. They also conducted several searches but came up emptyhanded.

Missing: Bishundial Vasquez

The family is pleading with anyone with information that may lead to the whereabouts of Bishundial to contact the nearest police station or telephone numbers 699-8108, 698-3220 or 679- 9884.

Speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, the man’s only son, Deonarine Vasquez, said that while the family fears the worst, they are determined to find Bishundial.

Deonarine explained that his father worked as a caretaker for a bond located at Silicone Green, Soesdyke-Linden Highway owned by Keron Persaud for the past two years.

He said based on what they were told, Persaud visited the bond on Wednesday evening to make checks when he discovered that it had been ransacked. Several items including two outboard engines, two batteries, solar panels and pipes were missing. It was later discovered that Vasquez, who also stays at the location was nowhere to be seen.

As a result,  Persaud raised an alarm and reported both matters at the Timehri Police Station.

The “bond” where the break-in occurred and where Bishundial Vasquez worked as a caretaker.

Deonarine further related that after he and his sisters Reshma Bishundial and Hema Mattan learnt that their father was nowhere to be seen, they travelled to the location.  “We went there two times; one time about twenty of we hire a bus and search the whole area but we ain’t get nothing”, he said.

According to Deonarine, he last saw his father just over a month ago.  “We know he say he working somewhere up there but we never see the place or so is only when we went recently”, he said while recalling “one time he did come out and tell me that them youth men in there getting manish but I didn’t know what he mean….he never tell we about any trouble with anyone or suh though”.

Following this, he said they heard from him on Easter Day when he called. “He does usually call and it can’t be he gone anywhere because he does always call we and tell we if he going anywhere”, the son said. A bag containing Bishundial’s clothing and a radio was missing. Calls made to his cell phone went to voicemail.

The family has expressed dissatisfaction at the way in which the police have been dealing with the matter and is calling for a thorough investigation. “They (the police) tell we that they suspect two men but they ain’t hold nobody yet”, he said.

Efforts made to contact the police for a comment, proved futile.

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