Norton St man cops to weapons, drug charges in bid to clear mom

A Norton Street man was yesterday sentenced to spend the next two years in jail after he admitted to possession of a gun and ammunition as well as a small quantity of marijuana.

Kevin Amos admitted to the charges in an apparent bid to clear his mother, Gail Joe, who was also charged with him over a bullet and 3.5 grammes of marijuana that were found in his room at her Lot 43 Norton Street home.

Amos was charged with having in his possession a .32 Taurus pistol and four matching rounds, without being the holder of a licensed firearm holder on May 16 at Georgetown.

Kevin Amos

Amos and Joe were also jointly charged with being in possession of a .32 round and of being in possession of the cannabis on May 16 at Lot 43 Norton Street.

Amos admitted to all the crimes, while Joe pleaded not guilty to the two charges read against her.

Prosecutor Suraj Singh told the court that police on patrol duties on Hardina Street spotted a group of men, including the accused, who began acting in a suspicious manner. As a result, the police stopped them and carried out a search.

During the search, the police found the pistol and four matching

Kevin Amos kisses his tearful mother, Gail Joe, as they make their way to court

rounds tucked into the waist of Amos’ pants.

The prosecutor stated that Amos told the officers that he would give them $200,000 to drop the matter after he was

Gail Joe

cautioned. He added that the defendant was later arrested and gave a statement admitting ownership of the gun and ammo. A search was later conducted on his home, where a bullet and the cannabis were found.

Attorney Stanley Moore, who represented both mother and son, told the court that the articles were found in the room of Amos, and that Joe had no knowledge of them.

Magistrate Daly later sentenced Amos to two years in jail and fined him $15,000 for each of the weapons charges against him in addition to a $3,000 fine for the narcotics charge. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Joe, meanwhile, was granted her release on $100,000 bail on the ammunition charge and $40,000 on the narcotics charge.

Joe is to make her next court appearance on June 2.

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