Section M Campbellville still neglected – residents

Residents of Section M, Campbellville, have renewed their call on the Mayor and City Council to pay attention to their community, which in their opinion has been forgotten.

The residents are peeved at the fact that essential infrastructure such as drainage and irrigation have been neglected for years, and despite a new council now in control of the city, they have not been  beneficiaries of any relief.

In a letter to the editor, published in the Monday edition of Stabroek News, a resident pointed out that the community remains neglected, despite the plight of residents having been highlighted by this newspaper on February 27.

The writer expressed concern over the fact that the rainy season is upon them and, “with just a few hours of light rain the gutters, trenches and canals are overflowing.”

One of the drains in Section M, Campbellville which is filled with overgrown weeds and water lilies (Photo by Keno George)

Residents said that they are taxpayers and do not deserve to be told that work cannot be carried out because of the city’s cash-strapped situation.

The Councillor responsible for Section M Campbellville, Junior Garrett, told Stabroek News in a brief interview last week, that the council is unable to undertake work in the constituency, as a result of its financial situation. However, he suggested if residents of the constituency would like to engage in a “self-help” project, he would approach the council to make the necessary machinery available to take away waste material.

During a visit to the residential community, Stabroek News observed drains and alleys filled with overgrown vegetation. Vacant lots are also covered with excessive vegetation.

One resident who asked not to be named said during the campaign for local government elections they heard promises for better communities, but to date they are still waiting to see the fulfillment of those promises. “The elections done and they win, and now they forget we and the promises they made,” the woman said.

In a comment, Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, said that as resources become available they would be conducting works in communities that have been neglected.  “Five million dollars have been allocated in the budget for every constituency, and as we get it we would see how we would release it, a little by little, so works can be done in these constituencies,” she said.

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