Dangerous driving charge for man in Rising Sun three-bus accident

Alpha Felix who was involved in a serious accident on May 04, 2017 on the Rising Sun Public Road, West Coast Berbice where several children were injured, has been charged with Dangerous Driving and his Driver’s Licence has been suspended until the outcome of the matter.

This was disclosed yesterday by the police. Felix is of Lot 22 Weldaad Village, West Coast Berbice.

Almost three dozen persons, including school children, were left nursing injuries in the accident involving three minibuses at Rising Sun, West Coast Berbice.

Alpha Felix

Six children, with the youngest only three years old, were hospitalised in Georgetown as a result.

According to a police statement on May 4, the accident, which occurred around 8.50 am, involved two Route 50 minibuses BHH 5558 and BTT 2426, driven by Erlex Felix and David Nazir, respectively, and a Route 63 minibus BNN 8359, driven by Alpha Felix.

According to the police, BHH 5558 was being used as a school bus and was transporting students of the Little Treasures Primary Academy and Pre- School at the time.

The police said that at the time of the accident, all three of the buses were proceeding west, with BHH 5558 in front, followed by BNN 8359 and BTT 2426. It is alleged that Nazir was in the process of overtaking Alpha Felix’s bus when he observed that another vehicle was approaching in the lane. Nazir, police say, attempted to pull back and in the process, he collided with the other two buses, which toppled.

However, eyewitness reports gathered by Stabroek News suggested that the school bus was parked on the western side of the Rising Sun road when one of the other vehicles was attempting to overtake the other but clipped it instead. It then toppled into the school bus, which also toppled as a result of the impact of the collision.

The police said that as a result of the accident, 29 persons, comprising 15 adults and 14 children, sustained injuries and were rushed to the Mahaicony and Fort Wellington hospitals.

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