Trio to stand trial for murder of Hill Foot farmer

-accused assaults cop in court compound attack

The three accused in the murder of Hill Foot farmer Anthony Breedy were yesterday committed to stand trial by a city court, and one of them later went on a rampage in the courtyard, where he assaulted a police inspector.

Paul Goriah, 29, of Grove Squatting Area, and East Bank Demerara, Donnel Trapp, 22, and Keimo Corbin, 19, both of Timehri, were yesterday committed to stand trial by Magistrate Leron Daly. Magistrate Daly ruled that there was sufficient evidence against the men for them to go before a judge and jury.

Police officers who were called in following Donnel Trapp’s rampage. In this photograph, the officers move to surround Trapp, who was fanning his mother after she fainted while trying to pacify her son.

Before the magistrate committed the men, she asked if they wanted to say anything

Anthony Breedy

or call on witnesses to testify on their behalf. Goriah, Trapp and Corbin all denied any involvement in the crime. The men also declined to call any witnesses to testify for them. Daly later related to each man that he was committed to stand trial at the next practicable sitting of the Supreme Court.

Breedy, 60, was found dead in the bottom flat of his Lot 67 Hill Foot, Soesdyke/Linden Highway home. His hands and feet were bound and his head was bashed in. A piece of wood suspected to be the murder weapon was found at the scene.

A postmortem examination performed on his remains revealed that he died as a

Donnel Trapp

result of asphyxia due to manual strangulation compounded by multiple blunt trauma to the head.

The trio was charged with his murder in March, 2016. The charge had stated that the men murdered Breedy in the course or furtherance of a robbery.

Paul Goriah

Just minutes after the men were committed and sent to the lock-ups at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, a fight broke out between Trapp and Police Inspector Ram, who is in charge of the lock ups. Trapp was heard threatening and then seen punching the inspector, who tried to shield himself from the blows.

Court officers were quickly called to try and subdue the prisoner but their attempts to pacify him failed. Trapp’s mother, who was also in court at the time, ran towards her son and threw her arms around him to get him to stop.

Trapp who continued on his rampage later threw a bin filled with trash towards

Keimo Corbin

Ram, who was still nearby in the compound. The inspector was later told to leave by other officers as they tried their best to deal with the prisoner.

Armed police with plastic shields were later called into the court compound, which was locked down for at least an hour to help restore order.

Trapp only calmed down when his mother, who tried her best to calm him, fainted. The woman was held by her son’s co-accused, who later implored him to help revive his mother.

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