Almost all pumps in operation to prevent city flooding

-City Engineer

The City Engineer’s Department says there was no recorded flooding over the weekend despite continuous rainfall.

All pumps, with the exception of the one at Riverview, have been working to prevent any flooding, City Engineer Colvern Venture told Stabroek News, while noting that pump attendants have been instructed to put pumps into operation as soon as the sluice doors are closed.

He noted that on some parapets, water had accumulated but quickly drained off. He said at present they are working to keep water levels in the drains around D’Urban Park “at a favourable level.”

The flooded ER Burrowes Street in North Ruimveldt (Photo by Keno George)

D’ Urban Park was used last evening as the venue for Guyana’s 51st independence celebration.

As a result, he said that the JP Santos and Princes Street pumps would be in operation for the rest of this week to keep the water levels at an all-time low.

Venture explained that the Riverview pump is currently out of operation due to an oil leak and the city is working to remedy the situation.

The continuous rainfall over the weekend resulted in some trenches being filled to the brim and pavements and parapets of city streets accumulating water. However, the water quickly drained off after the rainfall ceased.

Late in 2016 and in early 2017, the city experienced severe flash flooding and many businesses and residents were affected.

Meanwhile, residents of ER Burrowes Street, North Ruimveldt, are calling on the city council to remedy the year-round flooding that they continue to experience.

Mayor Patricia Chase-Green had said that the situation has become an eyesore and urged the Engineer’s Department to assess the drainage situation in North Ruimveldt.

Stabroek News was told that the area has poor drainage and the council has been unable to do any work to clean the canals due to squatters on the reserve. The reserve was designated as the area where excavators would operate from to clear the canals and ensure proper drainage.


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