Flag-raising at Region Four office

The Golden Arrowhead was hoisted yesterday morning in the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Compound of Region Four, GINA said.

Minister of Legal Affairs, Attorney General (AG),  Basil Williams SC delivered the feature address, emphasising that the Constitution is important to an independent nation.

Awaiting the march past. Attorney General Basil Williams is on the dais. (GINA photo)
The flag-raising (GINA photo)

Williams said that the entire idea of Independence in any nation is to foster unity, despite diversity.  Williams, according to GINA,  noted that once citizens understand the intent behind the laws of their country, they can be better guided.

Williams told those gathered that he has great appreciation for former Presidents, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and Cheddi Jagan. He noted that, “the two men did not see race or colour of skin, but displayed unity, an example that all Guyanese should follow.”

Regional Chairperson, Region Four, Genevieve Allen said the region has a ‘lush history’ and noted that whatever decisions are made, must be for the region’s betterment, GINA reported.


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