Number 58 woman dies after husband beats her with iron, wood

A 34-year-old Corentyne woman succumbed to her injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital around 7.30 pm on Sunday, after her common-law husband battered her with an iron rod and a piece of wood sometime last week.

An investigation has since been launched and two persons, a relative of the accused and a neighbour, have been held for questioning. However, police are still on the hunt for the accused.

Dead is Gomattie Ramsingh, a mother of three, of Number 58 Village, Corentyne, who reportedly related the vicious attack to relatives while in hospital. Celina Kumar, 21, the woman’s niece, who recorded what she said, yesterday provided the video to Stabroek News.

Gomattie Ramsingh

In the recording, Ramsingh said she and her mate, identified as Adesh Mulloo

The couple’s house in Number 58 Village, Corentyne

also known as “Cow Curry”, of Number 58 Village, Corentyne were involved in a heated argument on the day in question. She said she decided to go to a neighbour’s until he cooled off. However, Ramsingh said on the recording, when she returned, “He knock me with one scantling [wood] and iron. When he knock me with the iron me start see dark.”

As she gasped for air, she further said, he dealt her lashes about her body and she felt an instant rush of pain. “He drag me in a whole yard. He beat me and drag me up from the step with me hair and shove me on the wall and indeed he take a iron and lash me pon me head,” she claimed that Mulloo was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Adesh Mulloo

Kumar stated that her aunt was taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital on Friday, then transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where an x-ray confirmed that “the bone on she neck back break.” Ramsingh was seen wearing a neck brace in the video. She was said to have also sustained a fractured spine and several other severe injuries about her body. She was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she passed away.

Kumar explained that according to Ramsingh, the row started after the accused purchased an illegal substance and Ramsingh threw it away. The accused then reportedly demanded money to make a second purchase but Ramsingh refused, which angered him.

Meanwhile, according to the dead woman’s brother Harinauth Ramsingh, 38, also of Number 58 Village, last Friday afternoon, he was alerted that his sister was being taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital and rushed there, where he learnt that she was in a critical condition. The man explained that at first his sister was hesitant to say how she sustained the injuries, however, as her condition worsened she decided to tell relatives what had transpired.

Celina Kumar

Harinauth explained that after his sister told him what had happened he immediately visited the Number 51 Police Station and made a report. “Them say them go lock he up and up to now them can’t do it,” Harinauth said, adding that the accused was seen traversing the Number 58 Village, after he had reported the incident.

He said that Mulloo’s relative, who lives next door to the couple, only took his sister to the hospital some three days after she was injured. He said the relative, who is in custody, claimed to have witnessed his sister falling from the veranda, thus sustaining the injuries.

Harinauth also claimed, “Me sister tell me that one next neighbor that go with them to the hospital tell she na fa talk what happen and not to talk that the boy hit her.”

He said relatives had often advised his sister to leave Mulloo, as he had abused her several times during their year-long relationship.

Harinauth Ramsingh

According to Harinauth sometime last year Mulloo, “beat she and bust up she face and take knife to kill her.” He said a report was made to the police station, but nothing was done. He claimed that the knife and his sister’s bloody clothes from that incident were still lodged at the police station.

Ramsingh’s relatives called on the police to thoroughly investigate so that the accused, if responsible, could pay the price for his actions which claimed the life of their loved one. The relatives have also been in contact with Representative of the Prime Minister’s Office in Region Six, Gobin Harbhajan, who has been assisting them.

While the couple had no children together, Ramsingh was the mother of a 17-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old.

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