Chateau Margot supermarket raided

-one bandit had shotgun

Just before 8 last night,  two men,  one of whom was armed with a shotgun,  robbed the GST-Super-market at Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara.

Divisional Commander Calvin Brutus confirmed to Stabroek News that at about 19:40, two persons both of whom had on masks arrived at the supermarket and  held the proprietor and customers at gunpoint.

“One stood at the door while the other pointed a handgun in the general direction of the proprietor and customers,” he said.

According to Brutus, the proprietor engaged in a struggle with the armed individual and managed to throw him on the ground and pull off his mask. During the struggle the hand gun fell out of the assailant’s hands.

The assailant was able to free himself and escape with a Samsung cellphone from one of the customers. Both he and his accomplice got into a silver-coloured car with no plates and headed east.

When Stabroek News visited the area just after 8, the supermarket was closed and neighbours reported having heard sounds of an altercation and screams of thief coming from the supermarket.

They note that this is not the first time this business has been robbed.

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