Child injured in Waterloo St crash, home recovering

Nikosi Corbin, the four-year-old child who was injured in a crash less than two weeks ago was on Friday evening discharged from the hospital and is currently at home recovering.

Nikosi Corbin

Nikosi and his three siblings were injured on the evening of May 24, when a vehicle crashed into their mother’s car at Middle and Waterloo streets, Georgetown.

Following the accident, he and his siblings, Nikita Corbin, 9, Nicholas Corbin, 12, and Nikolai Corbin were all admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital. However, while Nikosi was hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit the others were discharged. Nikosi subsequently had an operation on his leg.

His mother, Lavern Corbin had previously related to this newspaper that she was proceeding on Waterloo Street heading towards Lamaha Street, when the driver of a Toyota Tundra pick-up, who was waiting to turn into Middle Street, reportedly lost control and collided with her car.

Due to the impact, the car spun around before coming to a halt, she had said.

The driver of the Tundra was taken into custody following the accident, and was subsequently released.

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