Family of missing caretaker says cops dragging feet on DNA testing of suspected remains

Almost one month since remains, suspected to be those of missing caretaker Bishundial Vasquez, were found, his relatives say that the police have not yet collected samples from them for DNA testing, which they are hoping would give them some closure.

Sister of the deceased Reshma Bishundial yesterday expressed her frustration at the way the matter is being dealt with. “They tell we they will come and swab we mouth for the DNA and up to now nobody ain’t come. Every time we call, all they keep saying is we got to hold on,” she said.

Bishundial Vasquez

The woman added that while family members are beginning to believe that they will never get any answers, they are at the same time curious about whether the remains that were found were indeed those of the man. “We looking forward for the result so that we can know what we on and we can bury he and then see what happens after that,” Reshma said.

Vasquez, called ‘Gardener,’ of Friendship, East Bank Demerara, was reported missing since May 8. He reportedly disappeared without a trace following a robbery at a farm where he worked in Linden.

Following Vasquez disappearance, a missing person’s report was lodged at the Timehri Police Station and despite several efforts, his relatives were unable to gather any clues about his whereabouts.

Days after the report, the police revisited the farm and conducted a search, which led to the discovery of a suspected human tooth, human hair, bone fragments, a pair of scissors and a belt.

They were retrieved by crime scene ranks and lodged at the Timehri Police Station.

While it is suspected that the remains are those of Vasquez, the police had said that DNA testing would be conducted for confirmation.

Efforts to contact the police yesterday to determine if the DNA samples had been sent for testing as yet proved futile.

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