Batavia getting new $3.5M landing

A new landing is being constructed in the Batavia community, Region Seven and will bring relief to the over 400 persons residing in the indigenous community, DPI/GINA said yesterday.

The Arian Island landing is being constructed to the tune of $3.5m. The 100-feet wooden construction is being done by the Region Seven, Regional Administra-tion, under its Capital Projects Budget.

Toshao of Batavia, Eyon Boyal told DPI/GINA that the landing will replace the current structure that has outlived its life. He said that the project will assist the children who attend the primary school, and the villagers who visit the Health Post on a daily basis.

Work being done on the landing (DPI/GINA photo)

“The current one is in a dilapidated state. So it is being rebuilt in the same location. The kids and villagers will have a safe place to moor their boat and to walk to school because the area where the construction is taking place is usually under water when the high tides come up and its muddy also,” Boyal told DPI/GINA.

This landing is to the front of the village, the Toshao said. He noted that a similar structure is serving the villagers on the rear of the community.

Additionally, a boat and engine were recently provided to Batavia and its neighbouring community, Kartabo to transport children to and from school. This was made possible through the President Granger’s Five Bs initiative.

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