Granger calls on EU Parliament to support Guyana’s removal from laundering blacklist


President David Granger yesterday called for a speedy resolution of the issue regarding the European Union (EU) Parliament’s non-support of Guyana’s removal from the money-laundering blacklist, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Presidency.

He said that the country has done everything to comply with international best practices. The statement said that he made these remarks during his engagements with top officials of the EU including a prominent EU Parliamentarian in Brussels, Belgium.

The statement said that Guyana was recently removed from the blacklist and Ethiopia was added but this move was rejected by the EU Parliament. The EU legislator, with whom Granger engaged, explained that differences had arisen between the European Commission and the European Parliament over the blacklisting of countries facilitating money laundering. He noted that this was entirely the reason for the Parliament’s rejection not Guyana’s performance on anti-money laundering measures.

“The President thanked the EU legislator for the explanation but noted that while the EU is blinking, Guyana is bleeding and reiterated his call for the matter to be resolved”, the statement said.

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