Woman with renal disease needs funds for second kidney transplant

A 38-year-old woman, who is suffering from end-stage kidney disease is once again seeking the public’s assistance in raising the funds needed for her to undergo another renal transplant in India.

Reena Sultan, a mother of one of Lot 199 Charlotte Street, Bourda said that her nephew, Reyad Alli is willing to provide a kidney. However, she is obligated to raise $5 million so that she can undergo the transplant in India as soon as possible since her transplanted kidney has begun to show evidence of transplant rejection. The money will also cover other expenses such as travelling and accommodation for Sultan and her husband, Fazil Sultan while in India. Fazil during a recent visit to Stabroek News said that they have already raised almost $1 million and they are pleading with members of the public for their assistance.

He explained that Reena’s health problems started several years ago when she collapsed at home after feeling unwell. She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a “kidney problem” and she was advised to join a clinic where a specific diagnosis was subsequently made: Reena had end-stage renal disease – her kidneys had failed permanently.

Reena Sultan

A kidney was then donated by her brother.

The desperate fight to stay alive then began, and her condition deteriorated to the point where she could hardly walk and began to suffer from selective amnesia. She was dependent on dialysis treatment twice weekly which at that time cost US$200 per treatment.

In 2008, Reena underwent a kidney transplant at the Colombia Asia Hospital in Bangalore India. Fazil said that his wife is currently on dialysis and her condition is deteriorating. Anyone willing to make donations towards Reena for her transplant can do so at Republic Bank account number 29 89 358 or contact her husband on 693-1191.

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