Bandits rob Albion electronics store, flee with $1.9M

During the wee hours of yesterday, bandits broke into an electronics store located at Lot 10 B Albion Front, a few buildings away from the Albion Police Station and carted off close to $1.9M in cash and items.

A police source when contacted confirmed that one person is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.

According to information gathered, around 2:30 am yesterday, a constable attached to the Albion Police Station noticed a man removing an item from the electronics store and placing it into a car, which was parked in front of the store on the Albion main public road.

The constable decided to check on the activity he noticed. Stabroek News was told that as the constable walked over to the store and the perpetrator noticed, he immediately dropped the items he was carrying and made a run for it into the village, while the person(s) who was in the car drove off.

The electronics store

The constable then alerted the Rose Hall Outpost. Ranks from the Rose Hall Outpost were rushing to the scene when they noticed the car matching the description that was given to them by the constable proceeding at a fast rate in the opposite direction. The patrol turned their vehicle around and chased after the car. However, they lost the car in the Reef, Rose Hall area. A short while after, the said patrol discovered that the car abandoned in a pile of garbage at the back of Reef, Rose Hall.

A 12- volt battery and another item were discovered in the car. According to a worker at the store, items found in the car were stolen from the store. The items along with the car have been lodged at the Albion Police Station.

The getaway car

The worker explained that the surveillance footage was also removed from the store. He told Stabroek News that the perpetrator(s) escaped with eleven speakers worth $93,000, ten amplifiers worth $1M, one inverter worth $140,000, one car battery worth $85,000, two lap-tops worth $160,000, the surveillance camera set worth $99,000 and ten car decks worth $190,000 along with $68,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, according to the police source, sometime after police discovered the car, a male filed a report at the Whim Police Station, stating that his car had been hijacked the night before. He has since confirmed that the car lodged at Albion Police Station belongs to him.

The man reportedly told the police that he was hired to come to Berbice. However, somewhere along the Corentyne stretch, his car was hijacked. He said that he was tied up and thrown out of the car at a cemetery in the Corentyne area.

However, the source noted that the man’s story did not check out. He was then placed under arrest.

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