Damaged bridge on Lethem Rd reopened

The damaged bridge between the Mabura and Kurupukari section along the Linden to Lethem road was reopened earlier this week, according to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Geoffrey Vaughn.

“There is still work to be done, but persons can use it. They can get in and out,” Vaughn told Stabroek News. He added that the Ministry will continue to do work in the area. “We will try our best,” the Permanent Secretary said.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure in a release on Monday last said that traffic on the Linden-Lethem road has been disrupted due to a damaged bridge between the Mabura and Kurupukari section and as a result, the road is temporarily closed.

A minibus tries to navigate along the Linden to Lethem road

One source in the Lethem region said that the bridge closure had not affected buses in the area. “The buses have been coming and going. There was no big alarm.”

For years, drivers plying the Linden to Lethem route have complained about the deplorable conditions of the road.

Last year, Finance Minister Winston Jordan during his presentation of the proposed 2017 budget had said that the first phase for the long-awaited Linden to Lethem road project will commence this year. No information however was given about the estimated cost.

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