Inaugural digital industry exhibition set for August

– to showcase local tech talent

Guyana’s first digital industry exhibition, ‘devX’, will focus on establishing networks and promoting the products and services of local digital industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

Scheduled for August 4 – 31, the Developers’ Exhibition or devX is expected to make history. Apart from being the first of its kind, it will offer an online showcase as well as a series of events such as exhibitor presentations, plenary sessions as well as a code sprint organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.

According to Eldon Marks, Founder of Version 75 (V75) Solutions and Co-Founder of weOwn Space, devX is a reboot of an earlier initiative that emerged from the collective of freelancers and tech startups which comprise the V75 Network.

Eldon Marks

Essentially, devX seeks to create a stage for all Guyanese digital industry professionals to market their skills and services to both local and foreign clients and investors, and, in so doing, promote Guyana’s capacity for national competitiveness through the local digital industry.

Additionally, there is the hope that such an event would attract potential investors and create opportunities for local digital industry professionals on the international market; foster connections between Guyana’s tech community and the wider communities within the public, private and education sectors all the while striving to inspire Guyana’s youth in the way of tech for a sustainable future for the developing digital industry.

“devX is not your traditional exhibition,” Marks said. “In our model we are combining the online component at the heart of which is the app, and that app is our digital showcase which permits exhibitors across Guyana to promote their work beyond our borders and beyond what any physical exhibition can do in a particular part of the world. In addition, our programming includes offline events and activities scheduled throughout the month of August… With this event and the online showcase, we aim to tap into the diaspora to assist us in sharing evidences of Guyanese talent in tech as far and wide as possible.”

Exhibits to be featured for the month-long activity include web designs, web application, mobile apps, desktop apps, robotics or embedded systems, tech services, animation, graphic designs as well as research work or concepts which would feature any computer science or technology-related research works completed or product concept or prototype.

In addition, Marks has arranged with the Ministry of Public Telecommunications to make use of the bank of skilled IT professionals registered on the devX app to aid in procurement purposes for the development of a variety of e-services planned under the National Data Management Authority/e-government agency.

Stabroek News understands that the devX initiative was birthed after a number of local techpreneurs (tech entrepreneurs) felt the need for there to be a more powerful means to network and promote their products and services towards the development of the digital industry in Guyana.

It was against this backdrop that the V75 team sought to organize a public event to rally the local talent in tech towards promoting homegrown innovations.

“We thoroughly appreciate the importance devX holds, not only for our 30-plus member community, but for all Guyanese digital industry professionals as well as Guyana’s developing digital industry and knowledge economy. Through this inaugural event we hope to promote a culture which inspires all veteran, budding and aspiring Guyanese digital industry professionals to act on their ideas, produce their innovations and showcase their work,” Marks said.

Emphasis was also placed on the need for innovation as the local tech entrepreneur said, “We need to innovate; the tech industry, in particular is founded on innovation and if we don’t constantly shift and progress, then we won’t see our local tech industry blossom. When we come together, when we bring our minds together, that would be the perfect recipe for innovation and it’s time we show the world what we can do.”

Interested persons are asked to visit devX’s website at or Facebook page at for additional information.

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