AG repudiates ‘fake’ email

Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams SC yesterday denied that he was the author of  an email in circulation about the next general elections and the judiciary among other things.

“The email in circulation is not mine that is, Non est factum. Don’t use me to change conversations, I can make my own news,” Williams took to his social media Facebook page saying.

The Attorney General would issue a press release later in the day which again quoted his social media post. The release stated that Williams “has rejected out of hand the fake email being circulated whilst he was in Cabinet, purporting to have been authored by him.”

Basil Williams

The email in question was sent to the press by an Andron Pires using the email and states that it was a screen capture of the Attorney General’s personal email. The user says that the mail was sent to several of William’s PNC colleagues and lists strategies to ensure that the APNU+AFC is reelected in 2020.

“The REEC was presented with poll findings and other statistics by Max, who posited that it may help us fashion our initiatives to achieve maximum results. The proposed measures are as follows: Temporarily reverse some of the Budget 2017 measures and relax the curfew as we get closer to elections- REEC agreed that the Guyanese population has short termed memory. Host a series of entertainment shows…,” the email reads.

“Max recommended that we keep propagandizing on the issue of having inherited an empty treasury …we must also continue to restate that the economy was surviving on drug money. We must continue to probe favourable media houses and our social media operatives so that they may further fuel the perception that the PPP is racist. Max said that has worked well in the past and should continue…” it adds.

The email also said that work was being done by the AFC in Amerindian and Indian communities to help lessen the PPP influence.

But Williams told Stabroek News that the email itself was hogwash and so erroneous that its author seemed to have forgotten that Raphael Trotman was not a member of the PNC but AFC.

In his estimation he said that the plot seems not to target his party but to drive a wedge among the AFC constituents.

Williams believes that the email was created to cause just the mischief it did and rile up the populace to cause disunity since a view of its inbox mails shows that the Basil Williams that sent the mail has only four mails in his inbox and its tone was divisive.

In his press release he said that the “AG’s email inbox has around 1000” mails.

He said that efforts are being made to determine the real author.


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