Parts of South Rupununi on flood alert

Residents in some parts of the South Rupununi, (Region Nine)  are on flood alert as heavy rains in the area have caused the Rupununi River to rise.

Stabroek News understands that in villages like Aishalton, school children found difficulty making it to school yesterday as the water in the Kabanawau Creek had risen to a point where the Kabanawau Bridge was inaccessible.

This boy attempted to lift his bicycle through the Kabanawau Creek to get to the other side as waters covered section of the access road to Aishalton Village.

Tony James, a former Toshao of Aishalton who spoke to this newspaper last  evening said the water in area has since receded, however, residents remain on the alert as they are expecting more rain in the days to come.

James also shared his concerns regarding the situation in villages such as Dadanawa and Sand Creek where the run off would usually end up.

According to James, he has made countless attempts to contact residents in the area to enquire about the situation, however up to

Wading through the water at the entrance to Aishalton Village after several hours of heavy rain on Sunday.

late last evening he had not yet received any information.

Meanwhile, Regional Vice-Chairperson Karl Singh confirmed that the Kabanawau Creek in Aishalton had risen to a level that cut off access between the village and the Marudi area.

Similarly, the Rupununi Bridge up to last evening was still covered by water from the Rupununi River, thus preventing its use by residents.

The Regional Adminis-tration continues to monitor the situation, Singh added.


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